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Kick-off Rules. At each kick-off, the ball is placed in the center of the "Center Mark" (on the half-way line) & both teams must be on their own half of the field (although it is usually okay to be standing on the halfway line) and the receiving team must stay outside the Center Circle until the ball is "kicked". Moving the ball any constitutes a "kick-off", even if it only goes an inch.

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Soccer Kick-Off Rules and Procedures. Once it has been determined which team is going to start the match, it’s time for the game to commence and the kick-off to take place. Kick-off Rules: The ball must be stationary and start on the centre spot. All the players except the kicker must be in their half of the pitch.

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The kick-off rules in soccer are as follows: A coin toss decides the team that will take the first kick-off. The team that didn’t take the kick-off in the first half will take the kick-off for the second half. After a team scores a goal, the game restarts with a kick-off taken by their opponents.

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Kick-Off is a game that requires a lot of concentration and proper foot placement on the ball. Players like it because it’s simple and relaxing. During Kick-Off instruct players to… • Use the inside of the foot to take a shot (particularly at longer distances) • Visualize the ball entering the net before they kick it.

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Kick-offs are particularly important in junior soccer because if you’ve just given away a goal, or you are starting the first or second half of a match, you need your players to take the initiative. Use these kick-off soccer coaching tips and tactics to catch your opponents out. Kick-off tactics. Often, if your team has had to take a few kick-offs during a game, the opposition will soon read what your players are going to do.

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Like so much in the game of soccer, the kickoff is so often a wasted opportunity for a team to take advantage of its opponents. At the very least, the kickoff is a chance to figure out what your opposition plans to do and how they will set up. At youth level this can be crucial, yet the opportunity to set up in a tactical manner is passed upon.

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Simple kick off play to draw the other team away from their half of the field. Ball is played from the Center Midfielder (CM) back to the Defensive Midfield...

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Players one and two stand either side of the ball a little way back, looking at each other. Player three stands behind the ball some way back. Player one says to two, “Louis’ kick”. Player three runs up and kicks the ball as hard as he can at the goal.

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