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7 common hitting approach errors and how to fix them

Spiking and perfecting timing requires hitting a moving ball, so suspending a ball from a piece of equipment or holding it above the net will not teach effective volleyball hitting form. Slowly progress from simple to complex approaches, and use the Socratic Method of asking players what is triggering the approach.

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The outside hitter is sometimes referred to as the “Ace” because of their dependability to get the ball over the net and score. The opposite has the important job of blocking the outside hitter on the other team. They need to be able to read the hitter and shut them down. Without strong wing hitters, a volleyball team may be in trouble.

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The outside hitter position is one which most volleyball players at a higher level will have played at some point during their volleyball career. It’s a desired position for younger athletes as most of the game’s action tends to run through the strong side at the lower levels.

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Possible to be outside hitter when short I'm currently in my second year of high school, and we just started a volleyball club. I am a 15 year old male who is 5'8 1/2, but I am expected to be around 5'10-11 by the end of my growing period.

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Volleyball positions outside hitter. The left side hitter usually receives the most sets during a game and are required to pass well and hit to score points. (Al Case) An outside hitter's job is to be a primary scorer for the team who plays a big part of the team's serve receive formation so they need to pass well.

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The outside hitter usually steps back to help out with passing in serve receive. An outside hitter that can't pass very well is usually a target in serve receive. Since the outside hitter has a fairly active role on the team, outside hitter's need to show leadership. When the game is on the line, it's usually the outside hitter that get's set to make the play.

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The Canisius volleyball team teaches the fundamentals of the outside hitting position.

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The outside hitter is a great position for those of you all who like to swing at the ball ... It's time for my favorite ever! It's all about the outside hitter! The outside hitter is a great ...

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Outside Hitter In Men’s Volleyball. Outside hitters come in all shapes and sizes and in general is a very fluid and diverse position. As an outside hitter you are expected to be a good defender as well as a reliable hitter. Outside hitters are often among the most skillful players of any team.