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Angelic, the angel of heaven, now manages the key alone. In the past, there used to be two gatekeepers, but only Angelic was left after a certain incident. The greatest threat to this heavy duty was the free time. Her only entertainment was to watch soccer beyond a portal she made with the key.

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Angelic Guide: Recovers the team's action bar by 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10% with a pass ... Soccer Spirits Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site

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Raphaela, the head of the Executioner department, terrorizes both the devils and angels by the ruthless massacre under the name of authority. It was a little girl - whom she met in Umbra during the war - that stopped Raphaela and put an end to her ruthless massacre. A child of an angel of sin and who might have angel's blood running through her.

New Legendary Player, Angelic! | Teaser Video : soccerspirits

Hopefully ardor will get their legend soon. 1. level 2. DeltaRubee. pro meth maker 10 months ago. it was already ruled out from the details of EE that something was getting fishy. ardor is probably next but that leaves questioning what were getting, but im seeing them landing a defensive player now that the new one is assist. 1.

Help with Angelic build : soccerspirits

Seen that Angelic is an Assist player similar to Catharsis, I would go with either the 2 Reflex + 1 Pass stones or the 2 Reflex + 1 Steal Stone. Pairing it with the Frozen Speartip Unique Stone. 3. level 2. frostkkrow.

Are Raphaela and Angelic one of the best defenders?, Arena ...

Currently in this renovation of soccer spirits, the method of play has turned, arrive, shoot and run, we will see if the new GK and Defenza that I got from t...

Soccer Spirits - Looks like Tiffon and Angelic will be ...

Looks like Tiffon and Angelic will be joining Beth and Silion with their Live maid skins~ ☕ We've also got a bit of balancing underway for today's patch— take a look! Details:...

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Previously: Increases the reflex and max HP of the Dark players within the team by 20%. Changed to: Increases the reflex and MAX HP by 20% and pass effect by 15% of Dark players in the team. Developer’s Comment: It's been a while since we balanced Verister. The skill is exclusive for one attribute, but we adjusted the skill so it can impact ...

Overall Progression guide for soccer spirits? : soccerspirits

To answer the question, soccer spirits is more of a hobby than a game. At some point the skill is taken out and it's just about being patient with your resources and using them wisely to craft the team you want. Notice how I said craft, that's all there really is to this game.