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250+ Basketball Terms all Coaches and Players Must Know

One-Pass Away - Coaches will use the term 'one-pass away' when they're speaking about team defense. A defender one-pass away is defending the player next to the basketball. Open Post - The term used when there are no offensive players attempting to post up on the low block. When most coaches talk about open post, they're referring to the 5-out motion.

Common Basketball Terms that Coaches, Players & Fans Should Know

Coachable – A term describing a player who is eager to learn, willing to listen to his coach and take criticism without making excuses for his mistakes. Control dribble – A low dribble close to the body that's used when a ball handler is being closely guarded.

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The term " close-out ", refers to the method in which a defender quickly slides up to, and contains the ball-handler, or ball-receiver. There are the terms, " on the line" and " up the line ". These two terms refer to a defender's position on the floor, relative to the ball-handler and his man.

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The advantages of jargon or coaching language is often it is descriptive, prescriptive and paints a picture with words. It can also make communication more efficient; when a word or phrase replaces multiple sentences to teach or describe an action or skill.

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“A bad day coaching basketball is better than a good day doing almost anything else” – Bob Hurley “This is basketball, not figure skating. You don’t get extra points for degree of difficulty” – Bob Hurley “Developing better people should be the number one goal for any coach when dealing with kids” – Bobby Orr

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Example of cue use for a basketball jump shot: Visual º "See the pads of your fingers facing you." Auditory º "Hear the sound of the net swishing with good follow-through." Kinesthetic º "Feel tension in your forearm as a result of the follow-through." Coaching strategies also need to be developed and are often sport-specific.

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Basketball Vocabulary Word List (317) A) Ability, Accusation, Active, Advantage, Aggressive, Alternate, Announcement, Assist, Assistance, Athlete, Athletics, Attempt, Attendance, Attraction, Averages. B) Balance, Ball, Basketball, Battle, Benefit, Berth, Best, Body, Bones, Bounce, Breath, Breathe, Buzzer. C)

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Dr Jack Ramsay, Basketball Coach Teacher ; Coach Wooden's most important lesson was that we should never focus on the outcome but on the activity itself. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Coach Wooden and Me Life Lesson ; Good players want to be coached. . . . Great players want to be told the truth. Doc Rivers, Basketball Coach Truth